Dave Easterday

    Branch Manager

    Store Hours: M-F: 7AM - 5PM
    103 North Beacon Street, Allston, MA 02134
    (617) 782-1237

    It’s not about providing a service. It’s about providing the RIGHT service. We believe that this can only be accomplished when you get to know your audience. Our Allston branch has been uncovering the needs of its local residents and businesses for a long time now. Located next to Wolfers Lighting in a busy metropolitan area filled with academic housing, small shops and historic residences, our staff has had endless opportunities to service projects that directly affect the Allston community. Trickling its offerings into the surrounding Boston neighborhoods, this branch is responsible for college and university maintenance and lighting projects, remodeling of off-campus housing and retrofitting for energy savings. Through their efforts of constantly working to improve their ability to deliver, the Allston team understands the needs of its patrons and has carried customer service to the nth degree, time and time again.