Maximize Your Pull!

Save time and labor and complete work safer, cleaner, easier and more efficiently with SIMpullTM  solutions – now available at Standard Electric!

Decrease installation time and improve safety. Southwire’s NoLube cables don’t require pulling lubricant when pulled into conduit.

Colored Wire Central Distribution CenterColored Wire

Choose conductor colors for easy identification and installation.

Available in all standard colors.


SIMpullTM  Reel

Eliminates the need for pallet jacks and is significantly easier and safer to move through jobs-site

Fits through 36″ wide doorways, allowing reel to be placed directly next to feed conduit/point

Independently rotating outer flanges | Separately rotating inner reel | Integral payoff tension adjustment

SIMpullTM  Flange

Eliminates the need for jacks and arbor tube/conduit on compatible reel sizes and is significantly easier and safer to move reel throughout jobsite

Designed to be installed in the field and can be reinstalled on multiple reels throughout the course of a job

Independently Rotating Flanges | Shaftless Design | Self-Contained Chocks | Compatible with wooden reels up to 34 in. and 2000 lbs.


Southwire Simpull pulling headsFactory-installed Pulling Heads

Factory-installed SIMpull Head pulling grips save time and labor on-site and reduce waste.

Featuring a low-profile design to glide easily through bends and tight turns.





Need Multiple Pulls Per Reel? We do that!


SIMpull ReelSIMpull FlangeColored ConductorsPulling Heads